Questions and answers

I sent Bitcoin for mixing. How quickly will my payment be processed?
Depending on the size of your payment, its enrollment and further processing can take from 3 to 6 network confirmations.
What is the minimum amount that I can mix with your service?
The minimum amount for mixing is 0.01 Bitcoin. Any sent amount less than this value will be lost to you.
What is the maximum amount I can send for mixing?
You can send any amount within the current limit of the payment pool, which is 200.09150000 Bitcoin.
I got the Bitcoin address for the payment. How long will it remain active?
The address will be valid for the next 24 hours. If you did not use it during this period, do not use it!
How many times can I use the Bitcoin address for mixing?
The UltraMixer system generates a unique address for each mixing operation. Never re-use this address!
Can I close the browser page after I send the payment?
Of course. All you need is to copy the Bitcoin address where you need to send the payment and download the guarantee letter with the details of your transaction.
What is a letter of guarantee?
With each mixing operation, you receive a guarantee letter - detailed information about your payment and the mixing conditions. Save this file before receiving funds for the Bitcoin address of the recipient that you specified. Remember that only this letter of guarantee is an indisputable proof of your use of the service.
What is UltraMixer code?
After the first use of our service, you receive a unique UltraMixer code. Enter this code each time to avoid using your own coins sent during the previous mix. Using UltraMixer code will not allow others to track your payments.
What information about my use of the service do you store?
UltraMixer does not collect or store such information. After your payment is delivered to the specified Bitcoin address, all data will be irretrievably deleted.